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Update Fouad WhatsApp iOS Download APK Latest Version 2024

Are you looking for Update Fouad WhatsApp iOS Latest Version 2024? In this article, there is a link Download Fouad WhatsApp APK for iPhone on Android.
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Update Fouad Whatsapp iOS Latest Version

This article contains the features and details of update Fouad WhatsApp iOS latest version 2024 from WhatsApp iPhone for Android.

If you want to update Fouad WhatsApp iOS the latest version available with the form of Fouad WhatsApp APK we will explain all the advantages and disadvantages of download WhatsApp Fouad.

In the latest update Fouad WhatsApp iOS the developers worked to provide the best features and developments with the iPhone look on the modified Fouad iOS which is very similar to the version of WhatsApp MB with support for all the new features.

The link to download WhatsApp Fouad latest version is available at the bottom of this page, but let's first know what's new in the Fouad WhatsApp iOS update and we will show all the advantages and disadvantages of download WhatsApp Fouad.

File Information Of Download Fouad WhatsApp iOS APK

💿 App nameFouad WhatsApp iOS
🏢 App developerStefanoYG
🖥️ Compatible withAndroid +7.0
📊 App size86.50 MB
App versionV 9.95
🗓️ Updated in17 January 2024
🌐 App languageMany languages
📁 CategoryWhatsApp Mods

About Fouad WhatsApp iOS APK

We will share with you after the details before downloading WhatsApp Fouad APK latest version available that works with the iPhone look on Android.

We will explain to you how to change the look of WhatsApp Fouad to the form of the iPhone, review the features on the Fouad iOS program.

and learn about the differences that characterize the WhatsApp Fouad Version 2024 compared to the official version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Fouad is a modified version developed by an Arab person named Fouad Mokdad. The developer worked on providing the program Fouad WhatsApp iOS new version with all the features and features without restrictions that users desire while obtaining the form of WhatsApp iPhone for Android.

What's new in the Update Fouad WhatsApp iOS 2024

We show you the list of new things added to the latest update of Fouad WhatsApp Apk :

  1. Improve the anti-ban system and update the database of Fouad APK WhatsApp to the latest version of Google Play Store.
  2. Improvements and changes to the appearance of the settings interface on FMWhatsApp latest version.
  3. Added: A new feature to backup Fouad iOS WhatsApp chats to avoid losing them.
  4. A green circle has been added on the home page next to the name of the contacts on Fouad iOS new update to know who is online on WhatsApp.
  5. Fix bugs and crashes that users were facing in the previous version of WhatsApp Fouad.
  6. Smoother user experience and more improvements.

Features of download Fouad WhatsApp iOS

We will now learn about all the advantages and preferences that you will get after download WhatsApp Fouad latest version APK on Android, and what are the things that distinguish the Fouad WhatsApp iOS update from the rest of the Whatsapp versions.

Security and privacy features on WhatsApp Fouad APK latest version

One of the things that made millions of users around the world search for Download Fouad WhatsApp APK is the privacy features and the high level of security that the Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp update provides.

One of the beautiful and wonderful features that you will find on the WhatsApp Fouad version is to support the ability to hide your Internet connection so that your contacts do not know that you are connected, and you can freeze and not show your last appearance on the Fouad WhatsApp application.

Preventing delete messages on WhatsApp Fouad APK latest version

The version of WhatsApp Fouad IOS for Android has an option to prevent messages from being deleted after they reach you, you have to activate it from the settings after download WhatsApp Fouad APK and your friend will not be able to delete the message once it is sent to you, and you can easily access it at any time even if it has been deleted.

Sharing large files on WhatsApp Fouad latest version

Among the negatives of the default WhatsApp version are the restrictions imposed on you and the maximum number and size of images that can be sent at one time. For this reason, you must download WhatsApp Fouad latest version 2024 in order to have the ability to send your image and files with others without restrictions or maximums.

  • Fouad WhatsApp supports sending up to 25 images at once with a size of 21MB for each image.
  • Easily share your documents with friends in large sizes up to 700MB per file.

feature hiding reading message on WhatsApp Fouad latest version

How many times have you asked if there is a way to read the message without your friend showing blue check marks? The latest update Fouad WhatsApp iOS 2024 provides you with this wonderful feature to view messages without your friend knowing that you have done so, activate this important feature from within the settings of WhatsApp Fouad.

Message people without saving the number on WhatsApp Fouad latest version

This is the feature that you will definitely like and the availability of the latest update FMWhatsApp so that you can send a message to anyone instantly from within the WhatsApp interface without having to save the number in your contacts.

To take advantage of this feature, click on the three dots at the top of the main screen of the WhatsApp Fouad application and select “Send a message to an unreserved number” and you will be directed to the chat page immediately without saving the number.

App lock and security features on WhatsApp Fouad APK latest version

The privacy of your conversations is very important and you need a greater layer of security to protect your personal information, and this is what distinguishes the update WhatsApp Fouad latest version 2024 from others, as the security features on WhatsApp FMWhatsApp provide you with locking the application alone by fingerprint or pattern or secret code.

Differences between regular WhatsApp and Fouad WhatsApp iOS

One of the differences between WhatsApp Fouad iOS and the official version is the support for more freedom in customizing the shape of the icons and iPhone themes on WhatsApp Fouad iOS latest version.

You can also view or download the status that your friends publish on your phone without appearing to them that you have done so.

Themes store and distribution on WhatsApp Fouad latest version 2024

On Fouad WhatsApp APK 2024 you can easily change the look of the entire interface to the look of WhatsApp iPhone for Android and customize the top bar and the home screen.

All this is available in the Fouad WhatsApp iOS 15 themes store, which contains more than 3000 ready-made iPhone themes. You just have to choose the theme you want and click on Download Fouad Themes and it will be ready to use.

Cons of download Fouad WhatsApp APK

It should be noted that modified WhatsApp applications such as the Fouad iOS APK are developed externally and are not available on the Google Play Store, so when downloading WhatsApp Fouad the latest version, you should pay attention to the source of the program to avoid problems on your WhatsApp account.

To prevent any problems, we advise you to Download WhatsApp Fouad Latest Version "save this page on your browser" and return to the same link to get any new version released from the Fouad iOS update from the official developer

Is download WhatsApp Fouad safe on my device?

Be aware, or third-party modified programs have a high risk, as they are from unofficial sources, and there is no guarantee that these applications, such as WhatsApp Fouad iOS are free of malware that may expose you to problems with the privacy of your data if you download them from unreliable places.

We have used it for a long time, and to sum it up for you, the update of WhatsApp Fouad remains relatively secure, as it is anti ban and you will not face any problems such as losing your number. You just have to download WhatsApp Fouad latest version through the same Fouad iOS download link that we put below.

how to download WhatsApp Fouad latest version 2024

We have now come to an explanation of how to download Fouad WhatsApp iOS latest version 024. You can update WhatsApp Fouad by clicking on the direct download link below.

Fouad WhatsApp iOS v9.9586.50 MB

WhatsApp Fouad APK supports working on devices with Android +7.0 and above. If your phone has an older Android version, it is likely that the FMWhatsApp 2024 update will not work for you.

Now, after downloading the WhatsApp Fouad iOS update we will explain the installation method. Let us share together the correct installation stages to avoid losing conversations:

  1. First like to download Fouad WhatsApp iOS Apk through the link that we shared above.
  2. After that, go to the settings on your phone, and Allow installation of WhatsApp Fouad from unknown sources.
  3. Go to your file manager in the Download section and open the WhatsApp Fouad APK file, click install.
  4. Wait a few seconds while it finishes and click Done and the installation will be coplete.
  5. Now, open the WhatsApp Food iOS application, enter your number, and you will receive the confirmation code immediately.
  6. Enter the code to prove that you are the owner of your number and congratulations FMWhatsApp iOS 2024 is ready to use.

And here we have reached the end of the page download Fouad WhatsApp APK. Thank you for following and do not forget to visit the website again to get any new version that is released from Fouad iOS WhatsApp.

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